Why does my garage door reverse when closing?

This is a common question in any garage door FAQ. Federal law requires that your garage door be equipped with an auto reverse safety feature to prevent a door closing on obstructions including people or pets. A garage door opener has a sensor that detects resistance when it’s closing and automatically reverses when it does.
There are several things that can trigger the auto reverse. The obvious reasons include an object blocking the door like a bicycle or a box. People or pets would also cause the door to reverse (thankfully). In addition to that, if there are problems with your doors track alignment or other door system faults that cause resistance when closing, the opener may interpret that as an obstruction and initiate an auto reverse. Finally, a faulty opener controller board could also cause unpredictable behavior. If there are no obvious obstructions and your door reverses for unknown reasons, even sporadically, it’s best to call for service to avoid any safety risks.

Why should I hire a garage door professional?

Garage doors are heavy and as such involve a lot of forces, particularly the torsion springs. These springs, which have limited lifespans, are under a tremendous amount of tension and if that force is released unexpectedly, bad things can happen. In addition to the springs, the other components of your garage door system routinely see plenty of weight and pressure and can easily crush fingers if not handled correctly. So the number one reason to have your door serviced by a professional is safety.
The other consideration is the value of your garage door. A garage door that is not serviced properly can lead to complete garage door failure resulting in damage to vehicles and property inside the garage. It could also require a whole new garage door installation which will be much more expensive than any service call.
Our advice: don’t mess around with your garage door. For safety’s sake alone, always call a garage door repair professional for service.

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