Boise Garage Door Repair

Garage doors have a tough job to do. Garage doors are heavy and the mechanics involved with a smooth operating door aren’t trivial. The torsion springs bear the brunt of the work and are often the first component to break. Homeowners often find themselves in need of garage door repair and when they do, there’s no better place to call than Sawtooth. Our professional garage door service will get your door back to peak performance level in not time!

Expert Garage Door Repair

Our garage door repair service covers the greater Boise area with teams standing by to service Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell and surrounding areas. Our garage door pros will do a full inspection, looking for the root cause of the problem and any collateral damage. If there is a crack in your door panels, an issue with the torsion spring or maybe even a snapped chain on the garage door opener, we’ll make sure that we are delivering the right repairs, done right the first time. We always use premium parts and materials from the top names in the garage door industry. You can rest easy knowing that when you call Sawtooth Garage Doors, that your garage door repair will be for the long term.

Controller Repair

On the other hand, it may be that your controller is the part that is starting to malfunction. One of the most common problems that we find with garage doors, is that there is a defect in the controller or sometimes, the batteries have simply died. Whatever the case, when you call our team for the job, we’ll make sure we are getting to the bottom of the problem right away. In addition, should you need a new controller altogether, then we will make sure we are sourcing one that is going to last you many years.

Torsion Spring Repair

The springs that operate the loading mechanism of your garage door is easily one of the most hard-working elements of the system. If you find that your garage door is having problems because of a spring, give us a call. Torsion springs can be dangerous so servicing torsion springs is always best left to the professionals. We are highly experienced with everything from replacing broken garage door springs, cables, worn out pulleys and garage door sensors to entire garage doors and garage door openers. We offer only the best brands in the industry and fully stand behind manufacturer warranties for our service. For pricing and information call us today at (208) 960-2977.

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