In a word, yes. Garage door springs have cycle ratings, where a cycle is an open and close starting from the closed position. The number of cycles a spring is rated for is determined by the construction of the spring including wire width, coil diameter and length. It also assumes the spring is properly maintained.

A standard spring is rated at 10,000 cycles. Assuming an average of 3 cycles per day, that would be 1,095 cycles per year. So a standard spring would last around 9 years. Higher quality springs have higher cycle ratings. Look at the chart below to get a cost per year estimate based on average spring cost and cycle rating:

10,000 cycles / 1095 cycles per year = 9.13 years  

$84.00 Per Pair/ 9.13 years =  $9.20 per year

20,000 cycles / 1095 cycles per year = 18.26 years 

$96.00 Per Pair / 18.26 years =  $5.26 per year

30,000 cycles / 1095 cycles per year = 27.40 years

$108.00 Per Pair / 27.4 years =  $3.94 per year

50,000 cycles / 1095 cycles per year = 45.66 years

$120.00 Per Pair / 45.66 years =  $2.63 per year

In summary, to go from a standard spring to a 50,000 cycle heavy duty spring is an extra $40 (50%) in part cost but you get 500% longer life and lower annual cost. So on an average replacement cost including parts and labor of $250, and extra $40 seems like money well spent!