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Garage Door Opener Installation

An automatic garage door opener is a critical part of your garage door system. Garage doors can be quite heavy and having a reliable opener is important for both safety and convenience. So it’s important to consider all your options when selecting a garage door opener for your particular situation.  Our technicians are experts at garage door opener installation and can recommend the best model to fit your budget.  We provide sales and service on all the top garage door opener brands including:

Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

In some situations, a traditional ceiling mount garage door opener doesn’t work. If your garage ceiling is too low or you want to use the ceiling space for something else, a wall mount opener may be just the thing. A wall mount garage door opener is mounted on the wall beside the door, eliminating the need for any extra ceiling space.

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Installation Considerations

Safety and Security
Wall mount openers come with all the same safety features as a ceiling mount opener including photoelectric reversal systems and obstruction detection.  In addition, most modern wall mount openers feature enhanced remote security eliminating any issues with open code hacking.

Mounting Requirements
Wall mount openers are typically going to need at least 8 inches of space available on at least one side of the garage door. The opener will also need to be installed at least 2 feet below the ceiling. Our garage door technicians can assess your situation to make sure a wall mount garage door opener can be installed in your location.

Wall mount openers are typically more expensive than the ceiling mount counterparts. Prices vary, but you can count on at least $200 more for a wall mount unit.

Battery Backup Systems

During an emergency situation, it’s not at all uncommon to lose power. A wildfire, tornado or thunderstorm can all know out power. And it may be in these situations you need your garage door opener the most. A battery backup system will provide power for several garage door cycles allowing you to open your garage door reliably when every second counts. If you’re looking at garage door opener options, we highly recommend a battery backup system for peace of mind. This is a great upgrade on a new door installation or your existing door.

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