Boise Area Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door spring repair is by the most common problem homeowners run into. Garage door springs literally do most of the heavy lifting for your door and that makes them a crucial component for smooth garage door operation. Torsion springs, in their most basic form, store potential energy and can exert kinetic energy. These unassuming wound up coils help open and close your door every time you go in and out of your garage. A double width garage door can weigh several hundred pounds – imagine lifting that every time you wanted to open the door! The garage door springs provide extra force to help get the door opened and closed safely.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

That said, garage door springs work hard and can store a lot of energy and force. This makes them dangerous in the hands of an untrained professional. So rule number one – don’t do the DIY garage door spring repair – it’s not worth the risk. Always call a professional garage door repair service like Sawtooth Garage Doors to get springs replaced safely.  With the average garage door spring lasting around 10,000 cycles, you can expect your garage door springs to last around 5-7 years depending on usage.

High Cycle Garage Door Springs

High cycle garage doors springs are designed to last longer. For a modest increase in the part cost, you can get a 25,000 cycle torsion spring that will last twice as long as a standard spring. We think this is a wise investment. If our crew is out to replace your garage door springs, why not install a better spring that will last longer? It doesn’t cost that much more yet you can double or triple the life of the spring and have greater peace of mind. We’d be happy to discuss your options for upgrading your garage door springs and how it could save you time, money and most of all, the inconvenience of a broken garage door.

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