A garage door system consists of many components that all work in unison to open or close the door in a reliable way. If one or more of those components breaks or degrades, it can start to impact other parts of system. So while fixing an individual item may seem like a good DIY project to save money, it may not always work out that way. Here are some reasons to leave it to the pros:


Safety is by far the biggest reason to leave garage door repair to the pros. Garage doors weigh several hundred pounds and the forces involved with the lifting and closing an door can be deadly. Hundreds of accidents are reported every year in the United States from DIYers getting hurt trying to save a few bucks. Garage door springs are particularly dangerous in the wrong hands. It’s just not worth the risk.


Servicing a garage door system is complex and requires some specialized tools. In addition to the tools cost, garage door contractors typically get parts at reduced pricing by buying in quantity. More often than not, an untrained homeowner will make a mistake that will add to the cost immediately or down the road.


Researching the fix, acquiring parts and tools and performing the repair all take time. Homeowners should consider what their time is worth when deciding how to repair their system. What might take a professional an hour to fix could take a DIYer a day or more and still not get the desired outcome.


If you plan on making an insurance claim to cover the repair, it makes no sense to make the fix yourself. Insurance companies will want paperwork to process the claim so let the pros handle it.


Any decent repair company will offer some warranty on their work because they have confidence in the service they provide. This provides the homeowner with some additional peace of mind.