There are a number of tell-tale signs that your springs are broken or are on their last legs. If any of these signs exist, it’s probably a good idea to get them repaired right away.

Door Opener Doesn’t Open The Door All the Way

A working spring provides force to help open the door. If the spring is broken, the garage door opener will sense the lack of assist and stop to prevent damage to the motor.

Door Crashes When Closing

Springs provide a balancing upward force so it closes gently. If the spring is defective, the door has nothing but gravity working and the heavy door will crash to the ground.

Door Doesn’t Open Evenly

If a single spring in a pair is broken, the amount of lift on both sides will not be the same resulting in the door opening unevenly.

Single Loud Bang From the Garage

Springs can break spontaneously and when they do, it’s not subtle. If you hear a loud bang from the garage, do a visual check on your springs. If one is broken, call for service before operating the door to protect other system components.

Noisy Door Operation

Failing springs can make some scary noises. If you’re hearing unusual noises when the door opens or closes, have a look at springs and if you suspect the springs are the culprit, get them serviced. It’s better to be proactive than get a nasty surprise when you least expect it!

Gaps In The Spring

If you see a gap in the spring coil, it’s broken. Don’t bother trying the door, you could cause more damage. Call for service and get the springs replaced.